Bet on Silver! It Will Be The Most Valuable Metal of The Season

If I hurry, the silver is going to quote higher than gold this season. The apparel and the silver will be a safe bet if you want to get a look of the art. You have any doubts of? How to combine this color? Fear not, fashion bloggers have the answer. You think that it is a single color suitable for night, day looks silver cannot be so great.

The Silver It gives you a galactic appearance. Let your silver bomber to be the protagonist of the look and combine it with basic.

Looks great with light shades: Pearl Grey and white combine Super even with a complicated wear silver skirt.

If still you can’t see you with the silver completely, take the step first with add-ins: bags and sandals, It can be in sports key.

Andreu because you have in your closet wallpaper something silver be up to date with what.