Five Mixtures of Color That Every Fashionista Must Look This Fall

Style is or is not, is a matter of attitude, pose, ways and not only of the dress. And the women who look the new winter color combinations they do, needless to them and just them. We learn from them, what lead, how lead you and how combined it. We have made a review of the 10 essential purchases before Christmas, we continue with the five color combinations to a fashionista look this autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. 

In our special trends we are going showing colors which are and how to make them yours but now let’s see how to be the most fashionable uniting various colors, risky, different colors, that will make you to be and feel different also.

We started with a beautiful image and style that combines Beige and fluorine do we dare?

Mustard and turquoise


Do you think much colorful for summer? Then get ready because we are talking about here that you take it in winter. It is not all more cheerful, it is not the world happier when contemplated wearing a look like these?  Ideals both and the most stylish.

More casual, sport, more relaxed and fresh. The same colors for a different woman. An image more comcun in the streetstyle but equally Super.

Orange and Burgundy


Orange! in winter! and mixed with Bordeaux! Maybe yes or not these two outfits are beautiful? If you dare, and lights, pass, you will not go unnoticed

More maderaaa! More coloreeees! Another extraordinary styling that mixes Orange and Burgundy with green. A single stick, sandals with Crystal stockings. No.

Green and beige


Ten, ten and ten. By the combination of colors, by elephant-leg pants, coating, hairstyle, eyewear, Italian monkey. We are or not seeing the Tippi Hedren in version 2011 birds?

Red and beige


There are many ways to combine them. From striped sailor and beige background & #8230;

Even in subtle details or pants coloraos for more casual days. We tried to replace the belt of our beige gabardine with a red?

A touch more hippy, but chic, always chic.

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