The New Dior Addict Lipstick – Little Shy To Guest In Munich

Hi, her beauty piglet, there is something new. And in fact now in stores. Thank God the Hashtag was the Dior invitation, which I followed to Munich, #shinedontbeshy and not #zuruckhaltendundziemlichglanzlos otherwise I would have my mind maybe again the journey. In best pro-shine-anti-shy mood I encountered in the wonderful Minga will also immediately familiar favorite faces in the form of Les Mads Katja, Foxycheeks Hanna and a whole team of creme de la creme beauty editors and bloggers that all because of him come the mystery of the Dior new presentation.

To the thing just to make and the tension not over to stretching: it’s about lipstick, but Moooment, not any lipstick, but a gerelaunchte version of the Karama lipstick series from the House of Dior – Addict, and the name is of course. Clicked in:

with Jennifer Lawrence the traditional would have can tear probably no better campaign model, which fits like a kiss marks on white collar. Ridiculous nuances of 45 women can choose from so from now their favorite sound. There’s the dreamy glimmer effect the fancy Glittereffekt either, and for all those who let it RIP during the day not just so fierce even a day suitable for “casual” want Variant.

My choice was, how should it be different, neither on cautious, still decent, but rather Berry bleak until Munich crime and hardly applied a specific song by Kollegah head buzzes me – crazy.

The texture feels more like an easy balm and can be applied therefore also surely goof free at 160 km / h on the highway. The core of the stick inside the Dior logo on the inside of the lipstick. There, four provide ultra shiny oils for extra Smoothieness and shine without end. This durability is then but surprisingly long and, applied ever more often for this fine texture, relatively opaque.

Katja has chosen 451 things tribal the wonderful color and mean truly wearing Black Tie 987. Here you will find among other things.

By the way: who me the mash-up elements from the song to the video picks apart, which wins my R.e.s.p.e.k.t. and a mug of beer with me.

And because you asked: all photos are today and actually getting shot with the iPhone 6 plus