The New Fashion Color: Salmon, The Trendsetters and The Lead

He other day celebrated is the opening party of the new portal of Google dedicated to fashion,, and you know that any launch is important enough if it fails to meet a number of familiar faces and stylish girls.

But the most important event is that two of the largest trendsetters of the world, that look until they say it magazines the garment, colour or brand of fashion, they coincided in color.

On the one hand, Ashley Olsen with jersey in Pink salmon signed by Balenciaga, by combining it with the same tone skirt.

On the other hand, Susie, blog Style Bubble, that preferred to combine it with skirt camel and abuse of supplements, as fellow bloggers Bryanboy and Rumi.

Still perhaps too soon to become in the fashion color, but it is clear that the salmon will devastate next year. Ideas on how wear it. Nude & #8230 tones;

…Or with neutral colours such as grey.