Trends a Discussion: Tunics Yes or No?

One of the minitendencias that brought us the catwalks for this Spring-summer 2011 they were the tunics: We saw them in woven denim Stella McCartney or minimal white at Celine.

A trend that Zara copied as-is in the catalog but at this height of the season can give as little seen on the street, a clear trend expired (than not winning) spring 2011 season. It is a rare, especially with baggy pants and look in style monastic as lucĂ­a Stella Tennant in the Zara catalogue.

Even so, deserve to give them another chance or is it the tendency to forget?.

To me as I like the tunics It is belted. This look of Lacoste with cord fastened around the waist and in style safari I like to go to the beach or for an afternoon stroll during the holidays.