Trends to Debate: The Style Tracksuit Yes or No?

For a few seasons now, the tracksuit clothes they have taken to the streets. The sweatshirts and the sweatpants (or sweaters and joggers if we upload category), show in the voguettes, personal style blogs and stores.

Rihanna and Emma Watson they are two of the famous pointing to this fashion trend, wearing the same casual model of grey sweatshirt with their outfits. A super comfortable clothes that they choose to travel from airport to airport. A recovery of the garments of aerobics that became fashionable in the 1980s in films like Flashdance dance. The wide neck which hinted the shoulder was one of the erotic myths of the Decade.

And even if people who hate using sportswear outside the gym, some insurance that you like this piece. We suggest two sweatshirts very similar to where you look Rihanna and Emma which can be found in Zara for less than 15 euros, also in shades of gray. One with detail of elbow pads and other in marbled grey.

In addition to jeans, are not entirely wrong with skirts as they present on the web of Zara do not you think?. What is your verdict for this trend: Yes or no?.