Wanting to Look Tomboy? We Show You The Best Male Looks of The Moment

There are days when we want to wear chica-chica with our dress with a skirt of flight, with a bag lady and without getting off of towering heels. But at times have wanted to dive in the closet of the boys and take more typical items of them than of us: shirts, oversized, flat shoes, caps, backpacks, sweaters for get a good masculine look.

The ideal is to juxtapose them with something that brings a touch of femininity: about red lips o a good heel contrast that with wide trousers and a leather jacket.

On the feet, preferably you have to choose flat shoes, as a few loafers or oxford type shoes.

This season to the masculine look in addition some sports clothes, such as sneakers and backpacks.

The caps and hats, as well as the oversize items they get a good male-inspired streetstyle. I loved how looks it with the blogger of My blueberry nights, finally begins to look sort of normality in the blogs.

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Streetstyle on Jezebel

  • Wide lapel coats that manage to get your diva side
  • The days are dressed in ponchos, and you know it