What Are The Colors of The Autumn-Winter 2011 According to The Gurus?

What nonsense! When still not we have removed us from over the raincoats of 2010 and even referred to the slightest hint of spring and the colors that define it, we speak of the next winter, its nuances and its colors.

And is that the guru of gurus in what to shades is concerned, the Pantone Institute, He has released his adivina-adivinanza ball and based on the colors that fashion designers have chosen for their collections, they have made what will be the 2011 Winter palette. On all of them, from the coffee up to the nugat or the Cedar, highlights one as chosen by the creators for the winter. If the Honeysuckle will be the color of the summer we dare to predict which will be essential for the fall?

That color is none other than the deep teal, a color halfway between the blue and green and that on its completion in English it is called as such since the year 1927, inspired by the tone surrounding the variety teal ducks common pupil. We talk about the blue-green or bluish-green.

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