Ankle-Free in Winter Flan King: Sickens This Fashion Trend?

The ankles are nude – even in the winter. This fashion trend, which throws just lack of understanding by many, has a name: flan King.

Brrr, there is one watching and already cold: high-water pants and sneakers to. Only the socks are missing. In fashion jargon, this is called “Flan King” from the English “to flank”. That means as much as “adjacent”. That is probably sure that pants and shoes do not touch, but a gap between them.

Flan King: A fashion trend only for very hard girls?

Especially young girls wear no socks in winter to their free ankle pants. Greetings from the cystitis? On the contrary, doctors explain, because according to experts the “flan King” trend to toughen up rather than make sick. Indeed, it is not proven that to light clothes cause colds and other diseases. Walter Haas of the Department of infectious disease epidemiology at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Berlin says, however, that the contact with the pathogen is crucial for infection.

However, it is so that the body best at a temperature of around 37 degrees works. The body temperature is lower, the cells start to contract. The body collects all heat to heart and lungs to protect them. Muscles become stiff, blood circulation is worse.

So by the “flan King” look is cold who, which should refrain from rather. If that does not happen, you can walk through the area in the winter safely with bare ankles.

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