Coats Lapel Wide Getting out Your Diva Side

If you are looking for a sophisticated in winter image, the first step where you begin to get it is with a good coat. There are classic, masculine, military fabrics technology to get a sporty style,… but if you want to get an image of glamour, a total diva style, you must have in your closet a coat with big flaps. They already have them and wear it so well.

In classic colors, as the camel, gray, or white, these coats manage to star in the look thanks to touch that give you big bottlenecks.

In addition, this kind of coats not do need nothing more. It is better to not take them with scarf or handkerchief, leaving the neck to look in all its glory.

Even when they wear it with jeans, wrap is a plus. Shirt with a striking necklace, the winter looks will not be never dull with a coat of these.

Photos | Guccisima, Simple-et-chic, Fashion and style by vanja, Von vogue

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