For That Go to Make a Tie Dye, But They Want a Good Fade

I am infinitely grateful to our colleague Charlie showing us how a Tie Dye, but disagree with time to DIY, or trust my skills especially as destenidora. As I like the trend of the faded, I have been looking for where I can find good price. And there are several options.


To begin with, we have a jeans very similar to those we saw the other day, but already faded in H & M. The total look of All that she wants seems me very original, the metallic complentos-neon.

We also have faded in the form of Cardigan, like this handle. Ideal to combine with pants of colors as in the look proposed by Tami2molina.

Stirring in my trunk prefers a great dress tie dye that you can find in Mango.

In stores

Zara is offering more options for faded clothes. A collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts available in all colors.

But there is more:

  • Green and blue pants from Zara.
  • Short dress of Zara.
  • Topshop Maxi dress.


My 3 Monsters: Tie Dye Picnic Quilt

My 3 Monsters: Tie Dye Picnic Quilt