Gorgeous Emma Watson in The Interview’s Editorial

There is no who stop to Emma Watson. All the magazines have with her, want to join one of the young talents more left untapped, which in coming years will have everything at his feet, apparently targeting. The new magazine to sign up to this trend has been Interview.

To continue the great success of the publishing house dedicated to Mary-Kate Olsen for the same magazine, Bet on Emma Watson interview and in this way follows the wake initiated by Crash, where the risk was interesting, to Vs magazine, more uses, or the spectacle of Harper’s Bazaar. And only missing some edition of Vogue (on the best countries) of the last few months and this girl makes podium.

In Interview, Emma Watson is portrayed by Nick Knight and it makes it back to opt for the other face of the young actress. Nothing magical past up a broom, or innocence here portrays a woman wanting to conquer the world. Both black and white and in color.

For that, the clothes chosen with taste. Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons, Miu Miu… first signatures located at the forefront of fashion. Interview has always been characterized by risk in their image and could not be less.

The editorial is only composed of four images, I would have liked to see some more, but apparently is very careful.