H.I.S., Lee, and Mustang: we had earlier this jeans

Our youth jeans are now back in. No matter whether Levi’s or Lee, today you can wear old jeans again

The favorite jeans has always something magical: fits perfectly, makes the best butt and we connect them with many fond memories. The first friend, the first holiday in Italy and the first home and everywhere was the favorite jeans.

Some of you maybe it was that Levi’s 501, for other a Wrangler with shock or a high waist H.I.S. No matter, what was your favorite model. These jeans are back today all it. Especially high waist and stroke are still the jeans trend 2016.

But also the models of Levi’s are classic. The wedgie – a really new model–of how just looks like bought just at the thrift store. And so she looks.

You don’t know which jeans to your type fit. Whether modern or retro: Many cuts do not fit you and you have the same problem again and again with jeans? Maybe you will find the right solution for your jeans problem.

If you want to revel in memories again, then get out of the closet but your old favorite jeans again. Maybe it fits there. If not, we have lots of retro jeans, which you can easily order it.