Heroines Tania Boler, Inventor Of Elvie, In The Interview: “Learn Your Body, Love Being A Woman”

Prolapse? Bladder weakness? Beckenbodenmuskulutatur? Honestly about topics that I previously never had dealt me. What is OMIS, I thought. When it was called at the Pilates then but time “thinking about the powerhouse!”, I had a feeling after all that here also the pelvic floor with includes. But nothing more. That changed dramatically however, when I heard about “Elvie”. And by its inventor: Tania Boler. As co-founder and CEO of the Chairo, focusing on technical developments by women for women, they launched in the autumn 2015 an absurd, turquoise personal trainer for the abdomen, with the woman independently can – help is through regular exercise a stronger hull, now back, and perhaps even better sex and which is actually a bit addictive. Like at that time snake on the Nokia 3210. There is a corresponding Elvie app namely, but more on that later.

When I found out anyway, that we have to do it here as well with an internationally recognized expert in the area of women’s health have degrees from Oxford and Stanford, as well as a doctorate in sexual and reproductive health, which was quite incidentally even team leader for HIV prevention at the UNESCO, women’s rights activist and mother of two is our first HEROINE of the year was already set. For you so quickly I was followed by a virtual date with the fabulous Tania and said strength and one of the perhaps most emotional issues for women with her about Elvie, inner: our vaginas and what we can do for them.

To get you started: the Elvie set!

Tania, tell me: if I have set me apart until today never with my pelvic floor muscles, why should I start now?

We know far too little about this important part of the body own 51% of the population, that is crazy. Women of all ages can benefit from a stronger pelvic floor. These muscles are very important when it comes to our internal stability and muscular basic support. Women with back problems, for example often very late notice that they should exercise their pelvic floor, because he works closely with the back muscles. A regular training is helpful for better control during sex. It comes that women confront even before the first pregnancy the issue to prevent health problems. Bladder weakness as no one really needs.

When is a difference after regular training because even to notice?

The tip I always give, is to train every day for the rest of his life. With the assistance of a small person or without. At some point it’s like brushing your teeth, just a routine. Many women don’t do it because they find it boring and not quickly feel enough, what causes it. Elvie therefore offers a personal program for its users and shows in real-time what they can actually move in her body. First successes after regular training is felt, ideally training three times a week for five minutes after approximately two weeks.

And what exactly does Elvie there so special?

I think what makes Elvie so unique is that we have broken a taboo and transformed a far too little-noticed theme into something what’s fun and what women like to talk. That is why we have moved away a bit of unpleasant health problems.

Elvie was launched by 2015, the response was very positive and you’ve won awards such as the “Red Dot Award”. How do you think you can basically draw attention more on the topic of women and create a constant presence?

The theme is very emotional for many women, because they could never more intense with her vagina have grappled or establish a connection. One reason for this is that we never openly talk about our female, inner health, because it is not socially accepted. You must try to solve by social conventions in this respect, to think about his body and him to take care of the whole body, not just the cover.

Why is women’s health ever still a theme, not openly spoken about in our society?

I am optimist. The society is changing very fast. 20 years ago, breast cancer was a taboo, what has changed until today. To talk about vaginas was taboo for generations and this will begin to change slowly. When it comes to our female, inner health, we have been educated to do so, that small talk things and ignore. We did not complain about menstrual problems on work and must ignore the side effects of menopause. Everything, because it is rarely accepted as actual excuse for inability to work or our environment’s associated with weakness. When it comes to our vagina, it’s about our inner core, which defines us as women to a large extent. Our sexuality, the motherhood. It seems difficult to explain these things openly and communicate but I have the feeling that we are on a good path.

How did you get yourself out to confront you with women’s and reproductive health at the beginning of your career?

After graduating, I have started to work with orphans. For me a very intense and emotional experience, since my MOM as a little girl from an orphanage in Indonesia is adopted. I was long been active in various African countries and occupied myself with the horrendous number of orphaned children, whose parents have died of HIV. Would people more and more openly talk about their bodies and sexuality, it would be much easier to curb a disease. You would prevent so many people from a terrible fate. I made my doctor in HIV prevention in South Africa and then worked for the United Nations on the launch of the first global curriculum for sex education. I then longer realized projects for Mary Stopes and dealt me with topics taboo in many countries, such as abortion, contraception, and education. Many health problems have one thing in common, namely the social inability to open about sexuality, to be able to body and health needs.

I consider it also for one of the biggest problems that many women lack the financial resources or access to education, to protect, to take preventive measures or to inform about their options and rights. Apart from that, it makes no sense: A treatment in the event of sickness is much more costly than prevention. Women receive ranging from toiletries no appreciable financial support when it comes to female health or sexuality – contraceptive use. Based on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, one must be operated in their lives of ten women on the basis of prolapse. Again, this can be reduced through prevention and education.

Why is the whole topic “Pelvic floor” for freshly baked Mommy’s so important?

If you’re pregnant, all over the world about the new family addition talks and we, the women and the changes that our bodies go through, get only limited attention. During pregnancy the whole body on the baby must face up and on the pelvic floor is a very high burden. By birth, this is even more intense, so that over 80 percent of mothers suffer health problems after birth. The body heals itself often himself, pleased but in many cases support by independent training. Earlier, many mothers in such cases had to use terrible medical equipment and staying a long time in the hospital.

How can we learn to love our bodies and to strengthen it?

“Learn your body, love being a Woman” is the motto of Chiaro. A great thing is to be a woman! Have fun with your body and discover what makes you and him. We spend so much money and spend so much time, us to take care our looks, we must in us much more to listen and start right there. Because I have two children and much work, I often have a tight schedule. Always, I realize that I have more energy and more positively deny the day when I play sports. I’m trying for example. “High intensity interval training” to incorporate into my work day. Also, I love Jivamukti yoga, and this super can focus on myself.

We retain full appointment calendars and tight schedules: you have to sit apart often as a woman at the helm of a company for women’s health with prejudice and negativity?

I think that there will be always naysayers. Those who believe something wouldn’t work in principle. About Elvie, we had plenty of men who have claimed the whole area was way too nischig. Frankly, I think those who say that vaginas are nischig, for short-sighted and ignorant. The theme is very binary for women – some love to talk about it and others not at all. When I meet people who want to take seriously what we do or don’t understand it, I’m trying to ignore the negative vibrations. Your fault, your personal loss. My focus is to reach women and to ensure that our technologies for her work.

As a mother of a little daughter one last question for you: there’s a piece of advice or a creed, what you want to give her on the way?

Be proud of your body and the woman being and appreciate him value compared with friends and other people. I want that my daughter believes and is convinced that women available to all career opportunities around the world. I want to be a good example and with give her on the way to realize their dreams and to deny this confident and positive every day.

Thanks Tania!

More information about the product can be found here.



HEROINES // Tania Boler, Erfinderin von Elvie, im …

HEROINES // Tania Boler, Erfinderin von Elvie, im ...

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Source: www.thisisjanewayne.com