High Fashion’s Visit to the White House

What do Anna Wintour (64), Diane von Furstenberg (67) and Naomi Campbell (44) in the White House? They followed an invitation of Michelle Obama’s. America’s First Lady hosted the “fashion education workshop”, in which young fashion talents are promoted.

Michelle Obama that good taste is because of her self-described style model, is known for her commitment to support aspiring young designers. Now, she took advantage of their good contacts and hosted at the White House a fashion event, bringing together figures from the fashion industry with newcomers and students to Exchange.

Selected guests
The guest list of the “fashion education workshop” was excellent. The First Lady had invited not only selected design students, but also established designers like Zac Posen (33), Diane von Furstenberg, Jasun Wu (32), Prabal Gurung (35) and Supermodel Naomi Campbell. What a chance! In addition to the successful fashion designers also sizes in publishing and industry such as “Vogue” Paakkanen Anna Wintour and Spanx founder Sara Blakely (43) to the page were the participants.

Fashion is hard work
It was Michelle Obama to the heart, to convey that fashion is not just glamour, but hard work the students. “Many see only elaborate fashion shows and red carpet appearances.” But the truth is, is that the clothing that is pictured on the covers of magazines, a very long the end product and very complicated and very difficult process”, so the fashion-conscious President’s wife. But she also encouraged their young guests: “I know that it comes to the end first and foremost to passion and creativity.” Particularly impressed she’ve got the story of Sara Blakely, who can call themselves America’s youngest self-made billionaire thanks to the clever idea to produce shaping underwear.

Support for the President’s wife
Of course, Michelle wore a piece of their proteges. She opted for a dark blue racer back dress by Natalya Koval, student at New York’s Fashion Institute of technology.