Housing Update Part I My New Golden Bed

I am not only kill the possibilities of fashion, but also all the styles that are can frolic in a modern apartment. Therefore I stopped even during the past year, to jump on any specific setup trains, everything is cabbage and beets and maybe that makes even my four walls. With the purchase of a new bed that was such a thing. I wallowed me long in the imagination, to become one of this minimalist loft residents, staying on nothing more than a rough mattress, or at the most on a white cube, which allows only hard edges and naturally at all no kitsch. Now I’m so but unfortunately at all, no.

I dry first self-picked bouquet gifts, need gigantic stuffed reading pillows, bedspreads and carpet rug for the comfortable getting off the bunk. At the end, the choice fell so in fact on the contrary of all my previously collected all-white pinterest dreams – on a golden model, which I prefer no longer would get up before sheer beauty:

Why I squeeze my bed so the heater and the window front, I am asked often and well, although not necessarily cute looks, but I need a little cave feeling with all the frankness of my apartment.  Since the small draft including paper cloud seems also quite located.

The lamp without bedside table is homemade. Simply wood balls via a cable thread, great pear to finish.

And because I really have a green thumb, I decided in the bedroom just for already up snoring forever flowers: dried poppy meets dried bouquet. Bed: “alana” by made.com / / cushions: tim labenda / / ceiling: christian wijnants / / lamp: homemade / / sidetable: ferm living / /

Thank you, made.com for the wonderful surprise


Khafre, Inc

Khafre, Inc

Source: csadeturnipseed.com