Interior Update from Repurposed Bed Heavens & IKEA Cabinets

My apartment is one of less than 90 square meters and three rooms, my balcony is too small, my bathroom is unnecessarily large and my rent is too high. You surely know that: we Germans just always find a way, to gripe to. Because I am aware of the housing market in Berlin, however, and rents hourly increase, relocation has become a dirty word. So stay I just there, where I am now: in my beautiful old building, I can transform in an instant to the disorderly spot of Earth of the world which is sometimes too small for so much stuff and their limits. Wailing at a pretty high level, already clear. But who is so much in the domestic walls, like me, the ceiling on the head falls which periodically just. And so exactly what needs to happen happens:

It will be rearranged and optimized, but I have already told you. The desire as openly as possible to design everything, back went off, as well as the belief that a child’s room would absorb all the kids stuff.

Perfect nonsense, children want to be right there of course, where we also stop us. But no problem: The children’s corner for Wilma was built, in the living room, to the right to say:

The plates were cleared from the first shelf, the second shelf is coming soon.

Cosy corner, although certainly no romantic interest (meback smiley).

Confetti necklace and lantern Garland in.

And tadaa: the converted bed canopies by no. 74 on Smallable serves as a tipi substitute that I could see myself no longer because of ubiquity on the popular pages. Sisal from House of Dotcity under it, pillow and cloud in and already is finished, the cuddle corner.

The biggest construction site, however, the Cabinet has always been. It took literally less than 5 years, until I was able to convince my friend of them finally to buy a lockable cabinet. The open design may be nice, if the poles can cover the volume of clothes however difficult, makes just doesn’t make sense. Et voilà: Pax. Ultra schnöde super boring and so widely – but: simply unbeatable to stow everything.

So we cope with the Pax hell but also visually, we have clever Muuto buttons selected as we are, and indiscriminately attached to the doors. Is also excellent for kitchen cabinets, if the fronts in there urge aufgehubscht must be.

So easy, so good.


We are closer us anyway, strongly in order to live clean. I’m insane.