Mr Agent Fashion: Not Fine Me for Not Carrying Leather on My Sleeves…

Seems that either you are going to fashion or you arrested. And is that all the bloggers and street stylers have reached agreement to take to the streets: or you do it with your jacket with leather sleeves or the authorities lead to the black hole. No matter how the garment: trench, cloth wrap, male, long, short … all have one thing in common and there’s nobody out them. And as this blog takes care of displaying the latest fashion, Here the ultimate fashionista. Will you go directly to the dungeons?

We begin to see this type of jackets Burberry Prorsum hand last year and since then there have been many firms that have cloned it. Rumi Neely, or what is the same Fashiontoast, always goes with great designers Alexander Wang and Chloe. But ever be seen with things of Zara. And here is its completely black coat of straight lines and Aires male. What do you think?

Another one that opts for the Spanish firm is the author of the blog Style Lover. But she, in addition, joined another fashion: that of Crow’s feet. A garment star this season if what you want is to follow the trends inside out.

But as in the signature star of the Empire Inditex good thing is making a trend many versions (for that of ‘ on tastes the colors ‘) at beginning of season launched a version Manager where the military green carried swimmingly with black leather. And Andy Style Scrapbook he could not resist to look it.

The same color but of cloth found this other version lucida by the author of hippie Fashion loves. She combines it with Skinny pants of the same material, what you think about the end result?

And in short version and engaging print-animal fashion we found to Chiara Ferragni your garment from Asos. In favour or against?

In version jersey

If you find that a jacket is too much for you but you want to go to the fashion also can resort to a jersey. Betty Thus he showed it us a few weeks ago.

And the version of Zina CH You can find it now in H & M by 39 ’ €90. The only downside? Pica as a bad thing and the touch is horrible. They say that you for look you have to suffer, are you of those?

In stores

Spanish firms are running this fashion and apart from Zara two clones of the trench for the English firm could find early in season at Stradivarius: a short version and the other in long. With what do you stay?

And in the form of blazer Mango presents us with Leopard lining.

Sound the sirens of the police or are you exempt from prison?