None of Bored at Dinner Family, Leave Them Open-Mouthed with These Looks

Why the family dinner has to be boring? We speak in a matter of style, not only of how it going it to spend with your brother-in-law or with your second cousin you don’t, that do not get rid. No, this is too much for a family dinner, this too… who prevent it? At this step you can end up going in tracksuit to go easier. Or better: Let them with their mouths open with these street looks.

Show off curves

This season has been that of the curves. Ideas to conform to the body and do not release it. Tops, skirts and skintight dresses as this set in red passion with a zipper in the center that will attract all eyes at the dinner.


OK, it may not be plan to hold the eyes of the grandmother for choosing a look too bold then go to the pictures and a minimalist version with a workmanship on all garments look. Top to bottom, with a blouse or cross jacket & wide leg pants.

The unexpected mix

What combinarás that knitted sweater so hot that you bought? A jersey maxi which serves as a dress. These dinners are informal but always good to a different touch that’s held once a year. That skirt or the dress transparent lencero may be a good option. No one will wait for you.

Shoe worship

Failing that speak the look itself only to speak the shoes. Choose an attractive design and that’s a plus to the styling, which views him more. Shoes in contrast with another eye-catching color, shoes with an instep stylized, boots… either a mixture of this with crested cow-wheat and heel.

Less is more

Simplicity is easy but have to get it and is not always achieved. The less is more so trite out of any predicament. And more as effective as white, gray and black tones. Between point, punched details and leather.

Photos | Bisous Natasha, Alessia, Iris, Leonie, Noor

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