Now Comes the Mango Fashion Goofed!

Shitstorm against Mango: the Spanish clothing giant sells a blouse that is printed with victory runes in his latest women’s collection. How could the fashion chain use seriously as a design element the most famous Nazi symbol next to the swastika?

Is it fashion brands in fashion, to worry about designs and patterns? After the Shitstorm in social media circles against the So-called “Kurds overall” from H & M and the Spanish fashion chain Zara, who brought a children’s shirt on the market, that Empire reminded of concentration camp prisoners in the third party penalty clothing, mango with Nazi accusations now guarantees displeasure.

Mango currently has a women’s blouse in the range, on which the icon associated most with the NAZI dictatorship was printed after the swastika as All-Over-print: the Siegrune.

The white blouse by Mango is adorned with hundreds of printed victory runes and already dubbed by users as “SS blouse” and piece of clothing the “Eva Brown collection” in the social networks.

Reminder: the double Siegrune combined from two S runes made the sign of the Schutzstaffel (SS), which was active between 1925 and 1945, Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard. The simple Sigrune, so it explains the information and documentation centre for anti racism work in North Rhine-Westphalia, was the emblem of the “German young people” in the Hitler youth.

In an official statement, regretted the gaffe mango and apologized for the “unfortunate Association”, which is caused by the design of the blouse. That blouse is among a number of models, where the pressure patterns in mini motifs inspired. “In this line, there are two other models, whose print motifs consist of hearts and stars. The Printmuster of the blouses model ‘Rayo’ an individual Flash pattern is visible.”