Ouftit / / 2 X Stripy & A Little Guessing Game

I get together in principle of every morning with my own sense, which is me is currently almost exclusively to strips. Would you let him, if I wore the above two striped sweater copies, which would be ok, day in and day out but plenty bleak. Of course still quite often happens despite all opposition and so it was that also the past week was fully denied in the striped look. Now it happens fairly regularly, I’m addressed the right model in the picture, and every time I look at sad faces when I tell them that the good bit comes from the closet of my mom, and has perhaps twenty or thirty years under his belt. It may abate the generally prevailing and not endless Smpathie for linear patterns in general are perhaps at Gucci, but the fact is that no one hundred percent great alternative sometimes apparently caused the current mark. Now comes the puzzle in the game. Now just even a little shopping guide, but care following, perhaps a little patience pays off also. For:

For months we are working on a small large project that still not can be discussed, I hate this fact even at the most. Only so much: In February, the secret is revealed and possibly have STRIPING also something to do. Well, ideas? Children, we burst with anticipation.

Blazer: thanks to ESPRIT / / cashmere sweater: thanks to 81hous / / belt: Gucci / / shorts: vintage Marni (in the store)
Coat: thanks to Norse projects / / sweater: vintage / / jeans: thanks to Kings of Indigo / / shoes: Bally about vestiaire collective