Pants Social Grey: Classic Combination Infallible

On the menswear classic, there is no need to have a wardrobe with thousands of pieces to always be stylish. Some smart shopping and common sense are enough to form a great wardrobe with pieces chosen for their versatility. In this article I’m going to talk about a piece joker that will help you assemble outfits of good taste, the pants social grey.

Pants Social Grey Classic Combination Infallible

More important than to be creative, is to have what you need to be always dress appropriately for every occasion. After all, one does not have a second chance to make a good first impression. The jeans is essential that you load for any casual moment. For all other situations outside those that require a custom complete, there is the grey trousers.

The pants social grey is a classic for any man, well dressed, perhaps even greater than the navy blue blazer. They are the basis: the first pants that you must purchase. Other colors of pants are secondary options to complement a wardrobe rich.

Because the pants social gray is so important?

Blue, grey and brown are the colors most classic of the male wardrobe. On top, we have the blue blazer. On the feet, the shoe brown. In between the lines, detail, such as scarves and ties. In the middle, joining it all, is the grey trousers.

The gray is the most neutral of the colors. Combines with almost any color you pair with it. Regardless of whether you plan to dress up with a blazer, jacket, sports shirt, social, or casual jacket, it is almost impossible to go wrong with the grey trousers in the legs.

They are important because they offer the most versatility of combinations. It saves you time in the time to dress up and have an outfit that is appropriate for numerous occasions. Break, you aindafoge instead of passing trends.

Which shade of grey is best?

All the blazers match very well with the pants gray and the variety of tones and textures, regulates the temperature of the jackets even more casual.

Ashes average will be the most versatile. Make a good middle ground between casual and formal, the modern and the traditional. Balanced better a larger variety of colors of shirt, jackets and shoes.

The darker gray are more sober, and a bit more difficult to match by approaching to black. It is more risky for you to try a shoe that is brown or lighter, for example.

Pants grey, more whites are as well stylish. Yes, they are also very elegant, but are less serious. Seriousness is a good quality if you are just buying a couple to use the social/formal, then let the egg whites last if this is the case.

What is the ideal mesh?

The flannel is the best fabric for the winter, but a few states of the country has winter. In spite of this, you can choose dust cloths lighter. It is softer than the wool is combed, which means that it does not handle creases as rigid as a pair of formal trousers of wool. This makes the flannel the ideal complement to a jacket and sport pieces such as leather jackets and denim jackets.

In the months common of Brazil, something more lightweight might be better. Wool cold, or a fabric such as linen, hopsack or fresco are excellent options. The first, by being more delicate, is more elegant, but restricts the type of fabric that you will use in the rest of the outfit. The latter three, because they have texture, are more casual and you can combine with a greater variety of options.

What is the cut that favors more?

The cut and style you choose. I do not believe there is a type of cut that favors more the slim/heavy/high/low. I mean, just not worth it for pants too tight. For all the rest has a way, will just depend on the rest of the combination.

The current fashion favours the pants slim with a smooth front. These will be the more easy for you to use and not to attract attention.

The pants a bit wider and with pleats are showing up more among the lovers of the sartorial classic. I think it’s quite beautiful and are more comfortable. Just be careful with the proportions.

In both cases, I prefer the high waist to be more comfortable, avoid that the shirt appears between the button of the jacket and the belt and because it balances better body, in my opinion.

How to use pant social grey?

As well as a gray suit looks good with any shirt and tie, grey trousers complements any ensemble with a suit jacket sports. They also look good with black shoes or brown, oxfords, brogues or loafers. It’s very rare with an outfit that involves a blazer and do not sit well with pants in a medium grey. You can always rely on the pants social grey!

Now, as you should already be accustomed, I will include some pictures of stylish for you to inspire. Are tips combo much better than any text.

With Blue and Brown

Starting with the most classic: blue Blazer, grey trousers and shoe brown.

Three colors, many variations of tones. In addition:

  • The texture of the fabrics of the jacket and the pants.
  • The type of fabric and the type of collar of the shirt.
  • The presence of bow-tie and handkerchief, as well as the print and fabric of these accessories.
  • The material of the shoe, smooth leather or suede. The style of the shoe, loafer, oxford, split toe.

All of this influences in the set.

As I said, it is Not necessary to invent very much to convey the message that you need.