So Will Your Torn Jeans to a DIY Catcher

Destroyed Jeans are just total trend with cracks at the knees. So you’re a DIY catcher from the jeans trend.

All wear ripped jeans with holes in the knees at the moment. Tastes and fashion can know fight. This destroyed you don’t like trend, you can mend your ripped jeans differently: with Tip! Your own DIY catcher becomes a trend-jeans.

A little bit sexy, a bit precious, if you unterlegst the holes in your jeans with tip, you’re doing something special out of her. Because anyone can holes, but a pair of jeans with lace is a great catcher.

So you’re making your DIY jeans

  1. get yourself a tip in the shape and color that you like (top in many colors can be found in major department stores in the fabric Department).
  2. grab bar band (there is also in the fabric Department). It’s perfect to smooth the top. This creates no seam on jeans. Very practical.
  3. cut a piece of lace, that slightly overlaps the hole in your jeans. Afterwards you can still cut off the edges.
  4. then, you turn the jeans on left and put the iron band around the hole in the jeans so that the edges are covered. You’re Not stuck the tape with a couple needles.
  5. the top together with the bracket band fixed iron. The DIY denim look is finished.