Sooo Cuddly: You Can Wear These Fake Leather Jackets with Fur in the Winter!

Winter fashion for animal lovers: this art leather jacket with fake fur are so warm and cuddly, that we can wear it even in the cold season!

A disadvantage that has gradually returning winter? Aside from sleet, slush and frost on our windshield, we mourn our (art) leather jackets, who must eke out from now again its existence between moth balls in the basement cupboard, above all. Gone are the beautiful days where we could – give fast just a portion of coolness our party dress or business outfit leather jacket over it, ready and go.

But now we finally have the solution for all those who miss their leather jackets just as painfully as we: fake leather jackets with fake fur for animal lovers! Yes, you hear correctly, this type of jacket, called “Shearling”, is fully in trend this winter. The “Shearlings” (by the way, also the skin of freshly shorn lambs is the name) are modeled on the cult jacket ‘Velocite’ of acne. The casual cut, padded Bikerjacke caused a real hype for around 2,000 euros last year. The new Shearlings are modeled after the original with their casual biker look. And thanks to the fluffy art fur, which shows under the oversized collar, the new winter trend is soooo cuddly, you easily can Hibernate in it. Come on. The winter is not so bad!