The Look Right: Pair of Jeans Shorts with Shirt Poa

And there, problems dealing with the heat of the month of February? Yes or sure? The brazilian summer may tarry, but not fail, and can believe that sooner or later you will have to turn around so as not to suffer with it!

The Look Right Pair of Jeans Shorts with Shirt Poa

In the example of this week we’ll talk about a little piece commented here: the pair of jeans shorts. It is possible to mount some looks nice with it without too much effort, just by using creativity, see below:

Why does it work?

The first thing that calls me attention in this look is the tone of the jeans worked well with the color of the shirt, a denim light or dark does not surtiria the same effect. The length of the shorts is also perfect, with a slight bent of the bar to keep it above the knees, stretching the legs.

It is very common in Brazil to assemble combos of the summer from a t-shirt, but here I think that the shirt green with poa (small dots) was perfect, making a good rhyme with the shoe derby brown leather, this, alias, it was another upgrade in combination, stealing the place of the typical sneakers or manjados sapatênis.

The accessories in brown also lent their charm in the contrast to the clothes, especially the bag and the sunglasses style Clubmaster that rarely do not look good with anything.

Try this…

add a leather belt in the same tone of the shoe for a better visual finished, even if the accessory does not appear that much.

It would not be the same thing if…

swapped out the color of the shirt, since it could not have a combination as good with the bermuda in the shade at the median of the blue.

In short:

  • The brazilian summer requires creativity to not make looks repetitive and still escape the heat;
  • Bermuda jeans is a alternative friendly for this time of year and goes with everything;
  • Shirts with poa always unwind the visual;
  • A good color combination between the shorts and the shirt sets the tone of the combo;
  • Pay attention to the length of bermuda, the ideal is always above the knee, but not much;
  • Good accessories to complement the production, but they must be in tune;
  • The lack of the belt is not a sin, but it could be present.

Additional tips:

Oddly this look works well for anyone who is high, low, fat or thin, just choose with care the trim of the pieces.