The Neck of Your Jersey Is Given a Spin with These Perfect Street Looks

Made a turn to the neck of the jersey best winter by doing well. The turtlenecks made time forgot about the looks more bored, by many who want to continue making this article something monotonous. The Street style want to qudarse with neck hot in winter at the time that singles the perfect looks.

All high good, from the neck to the boots

If the neck rises well above the boots also do it at the same time. Musketeer winter boots are targeted with the most diverse turtlenecks. Softer wool or thick knitted sweaters. Combinations in which the skirt is short and either cross or opt for leather with openings. Different lengths where no lack shelter up to bottom.

Leather and jeans skinny

The leather jackets may not be the warmest option these days but one of the most beloved and versatile. To compensate the shirts of point opt more high necks. Marbled designs that are targeted with the skinny jeans and cross boots.

Long life to the beige

Beige sends in winter coats and sweaters. Point, with wide and carefree making ideas, to go warm and comfortable. Shirts that it is best to combine with tight pants to avoid that figure runs out lost between garments.

Photos | Caroline, she, Adriana, Leonie

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