The Sweetest Blue Conquers The Coats of The Moment

First were the coats of blue hair to make the competition the cookie monster and now come the various versions of the sweet blue. A way to bring part of the summer to the winter and break the monotony of those seeking to turn off her look as these dates arrive. Since the model leather biker inside the turning.

It is a perfect choice to combine with the Cowboys, but it stuck with most of the ideas that you can pass by the head to see a coat as well. Great low cost brands have managed to convert the street in the blue footbridge. We are seeing many coats of color these days.

The inside is turned over and leaves us an option other than the typical bomber. A color that feels good and like eyes, perfect to try other combinations and which serves both for the party and for the day to day.

Photos | Natasha, Jana, Alizee

Fashion for Jezebel winter coats

  • The red coat that we want to copy to Coco Rocha (and Garance DorĂ©)
  • Thus from well look it girls with their winter coats
  • Wide lapel coats that manage to get your diva side
  • More winter streets dressed in pastel