Tip: How to Combine Two Tiles with Checkered Patterns Like

This beautiful combination of tailored pieces is really worth a mention not only for the ability to mix clothes sobrias and create a look with a touch of coincidence, but by daring to mix the two checkered patterns that, in theory, shouldn’t be together!

Tip How to Combine Two Tiles with Checkered Patterns Like

Already tired to say it here, and we will continue repeating, that for a combination safe two checked patterns, the ideal is to have a piece with the larger pattern and a smaller one, this way it is easier for the brain to separate information and it seems more organized and harmonious.

Then as the look of the photo seems so right in the pants in the tailoring and in the shirt the design is almost the same size?

At this point we should add an addendum to the rule of chess:

Standards like can work if they are separated enough, and combined with parts of the smooth, or with other prints more discrete, in addition, the fact of being small and of the same size, but with contrasting colors, also help. Look for a paradigm shift coming around!

But just as there is mastery in the composition, there is also a problem: if we take away the blazer, the combo does not hold! The way it was designed makes it necessary the presence of the piece so that it maintained the harmony of the costume, something not very practical in cities such as São Paulo (and not only in it), with your time that can vary from cold and rainy at a time, to hot and sunny a few moments later. This type of realization only makes us conclude that the best time to try something of this kind is the night, when the temperature variations are much less intense.

If you want to experience the combination of the two models of chess so you don’t need to get stuck to the look with a footprint of more formal, a jacket, be it leather or twill, cardigan, and a mesh may very well work the same way. To have a better idea of what is possible in this sense, it is a good to pick up a site like Polyvore and put together some combinations experimental to exercise a bit.