Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: We Are Going to Put Homes

All the colors that are this winter, the Purple It stands out for its drama and elegance. From the lilac to the purple intense, all the shades of purple are valid both for the day and night and today it will you demonstrate.

Purple day

Gateway has been in total look in Versace, from head to feet.

But like most combined with other colors, as he paraded in Gucci, with yellow, red, grey, and Yes, also as a complement to the teal, purple is a perfect pitch.

Although like most on the street is with the black classic, not to risk too much. A short purple dress you better from morning to night, so already you can go asking him for Kings.

Fergie, so extreme as always, wears purple with black leather shorts. He likes more leg than a fool teach a pencil.

A Purple blouse It can also be contrasted with lighter colors as crude oil.

In the looks of streetstyle, purple puts the focus of attention in outfits with black protagonist. This vintage skirt of Dans Vogue out of the ordinary.

In the stores, search handle this purple palazzo pants or a jersey purple in Zara. Add colour to your winter look and get unique up to the most bland look thanks to the purple!

Purple night

In gateway have turned more toward the Bordeaux (formerly known as Garnet) that toward the purple, as with this red carpet gown of Elie Saab. Sensational.

We present the new companion of George Clooney, Stacy Keibler. You know that you have to do to win the eligible bachelor in Hollywood, having a smile profident, practising wrestling professional and dress in purple.

Mango has a good consignment of long dresses of party in purple tones to get that same look (although take that guy can be something more complicated).

The Purple short dresses they are also a very smart choice for the night. Kate Mara He chose for the premiere of the new series of which everyone speaks, American Horror Story.

We have seen short prom dresses in purple in H & M lace, but also have them in velvet. Chanel Iman teaches us also one long and pleated with which to greet the new year.