Vogue Italy & Steven Meisel Still Walking Hand

Vogue Italy, the most creative and artistic among her sisters has already released its new May issue and, as it could not be otherwise, the Italian version of the magazine has embraced with the off-road photographer so that all can do well, Steven Meisel.

As a result, we see a delicate and different cover where the model Kristen McMenamy, prepares us for the summer wearing bikini in something that looks more like a wonderful picture that a fashion magazine. Unlike most of fronts that announce the arrival of the holiday and operation bikini tanned bodies, Golden Manes by the Sun and crystal clear waters we do not see in this, but if we see a very achieved appearance. Bravo, Meisel!!

A different cover that gets you in the retina. And, as always, we want to know your opinions and impressions, do you like? What note put you you?