Who Inherits His Millions Fashion Empire Now?

The designer Oscar of the Renta at the age of 82 years died on the night of Tuesday. But what’s next after his death with the fashion house, which was so closely connected with his name? Must the prominent fans tailors are now a new favorite?

“Academy Awards lifetime achievement, his talent and his love of life are the heart of the company. Everything we have done so far and will do in the future, is influenced by his handwriting and his spirit. Because Oscar always has made it before, we know how we look forward. We’re still proud Oscar, in which we will continue his work, so much loved Oscar.”

Alex and Eliza Bolen, son-in-law and Oscar de la Rentas’s youngest daughter, in a handwritten note to the staff of the fashion house on Tuesday wrote these words. The most important message is: the fashion house of Oscar de la Renta, founded in 1965, will continue to exist even after the death of the founder,. Celebrity fans such as Sarah Jessica Parker (49), Hillary Clinton (66) and Amal Clooney (36) can breathe so.

Peter Copping becomes Creative Director
Fortunately, Oscar de la Renta had fixed his successor a few days before his death. On 13 October, it was announced that the British designer Peter Copping would be the new Creative Director at the side of Oscar de la Renta. Probably did because already both, that would be the cooperation of short duration and copping take care of pretty soon only the creative legacy of the Rentas to be.

Copping, who previously designed since 2009 at the Paris fashion house Nina Ricci, should have gotten especially this job because his style is so similar to that of de la Renta. Oscar de la Renta was the master of opulent gowns, who created beautiful robes with a unique sense of ornaments, colors and silhouettes, beguiling, which emphasize the femininity of a woman. De la Renta created no fashions, but style.

The de la Renta dynasty
Peter Copping will in future determine although the design of the brand of Oscar of the Renta. The fashion house probably remains in family ownership. Oscar de la Renta leaves four stepchildren, nine grandchildren, and an adopted son. The family was involved in the fashion house. Oscars youngest daughter Eliza is Managing Director of the fashion House since many years Vice-President of the licensing business, her husband Alex Bolen. De la Rentas adopted son of Moises (30) went his first steps as a designer in the Studio of his godfather. Acted in the background already de la Rentas first wife Françoise, a former editor of the French ‘vogue’, whom the designer married in 1967 and who died in 1983, also of cancer and was in the 1970s and early 1980s as a secret weapon in her husband’s fashion Empire. “She made Oscar still exceptional”, “Vogue” Paakkanen Anna Wintour (64) raves today. The legendary dinner parties by Françoise made for good relations with America’s high society and a prominent list of customers.

Oscar de la Renta was also the “first tailor” for all wives of President America’s the designer of the larger world, the ladies of society, crowned women’s heads and since Betty Ford. Did the designer who was born in the Dominican Republic with an estimated personal fortune of more than $100 million, one of the richest Latinos in the United States, his fashion house to be worth $250 million. And of the Renta was one of the last dinosaurs in the industry. His label is one of the few independent, so far was not swallowed like many other traditional labels like Balenciaga, Givenchy and Donna Karan from a luxury group. There have always been offers. “We are masters of our own destiny”, de la Renta always responded when asked why he would enlarge the brand not with the help of investors. One can only hope that the heirs in the future will remember these words.