You Are Back! Grasshopper: These Shoes Are the Absolute Cult

A shoe that somehow reminds you of your bio teacher? Yes! A shoe that fits best with a corduroy pants? Maybe! But certainly the grasshopper by Sioux is not old hat, but again the trend.

In the form of moccasin, the resonate shows namely a completely new look. And we find it quite chic. Projects-want to feel inclusive!

“Walking like an Indian. Light and quiet. Grasshopper achieve an inimitable wear and comfort, are robust and have a good grip. The crepe sole gives that certain something the shoe and features the original grasshopper.”

And in fact, we all know somehow grasshopper. Whether it is the MOM or the dad who have previously worn the shoes or the Professor, we were always so nice in the University. A good, solid shoe of the grasshopper.

But just wait till you see the new collections: neon, glitter, lacquer. These models recall less at our beloved classics, but have real it-piece potential.

The #New generation of Grasshopper must not hide with their lightweight and flexible light rubber sole. Here Sioux is formed light rubber, making it lightweight and durable at the same time the sole. And also the design speak for themselves. It’s great that a resonate so convert, and still remains a classic. Shoe love!

But there are also classic models who accompany you style in the Office or in everyday life in Sioux. However: it won’t be boring. Change of color and unusual materials are included.